Resources and other information

The World Economic Forum provides a lot of data, and disseminates this via blogs and email. Their reports cover the key issues of today and the future, such as cryptocurrencies, blockchain, AI and so on.

The best online courses offered by top universities, all for free. MOOCS offers over 300 online courses from universities such as Stanford, Harvard, Yale and many others.

Positive psychology resources and a newsletter all for free. The site has lots of posts on strategies that can be implemented easily to increase a sense of well-being, become more effective on a daily basis and information on what increases our happiness.

Based in Europe this is a one-stop shop for positive psychology resources. It is helpful for those who want to know more about this emerging science.

Smilingmind is an Australian mindfulness organisation, providing services to Australian businesses, schools and individuals.  The website also provides a free mindfulness app to download.